Comparison of High Pressure Propane System to
Low Pressure (Propane or Natural Gas) System
Item High Pressure Propane Low Pressure Nat Gas or Propane
Electricity Required? No Yes
Fuel Propane Natural Gas or Propane
Efficiency Per Btu About Equal About Equal
Fuel Mix through a given size Burner Head 100% with venturi utilizing 100% primary air(i.e., no secondary air) 150-180% with a good powerful blower. In other words, this system can push more combustibles through any given size head. In this regard it is often thought be the more efficient of the two systems. But keep in mind the extra fuel it pushes is not free. That is, you will pay for what you get.
Safety System High Pressure Baso System Purple Peeper (Standard Low Pressure Gas Safety System)
Is Safety system up to code In some locations this does not meet code. Yes
Cost of Safety System $411.00 Up to Code for Purple Peeper will cost$1250.00-$2500.00 per Burner
Burner System Venturi w Giberson Head Forced Air w Giberson Head and/or other retention nozzle
Cost of Burner System $360.00 (from Joppa Glassworks, Inc.) $575.00 for a simple Dayton Blower & home made mixer with Giberson Head
Up to $2000 for a slick factory made power mixer with a Giberson Head
Diagrams Plans for High Pressure Propane System (0-25 psi) Plans for Low Pressure (Natural Gas or Propane) System
Plans for High Pressure Propane System (0-25 psi)
This Complete High Pressure Baso Safety System (0-25 psi) with Giberson Head and Ransome Venturi is now available from Joppa Glassworks, Inc.
Or if you want to build your own we can sell you the components as listed below . . . .
Item Prod. Number Vendor Cost:
1 Baso Valve (H19RA-2) Joppa Glassworks, Inc. $175.00
2 Thermocouple (JC-TC48) Joppa Glassworks, Inc. $28.00
3 Complete Pilot Light Assembly
Joppa Glassworks, Inc. $188.00
4 Needle Valve Joppa Glassworks, Inc. $23.00
5 Gauge (0-30 PSI) Joppa Glassworks, Inc. $16.00
6 Ransome Venturi 1-1/2" Joppa Glassworks, Inc. $140.00
7 Giberson Head
(CBH# various)
Joppa Glassworks, Inc. $195.00
8 Burner block homemade $20.00
9 Total Approximate Cost   $785.00
Plans for Low Pressure
(Natural Gas or Propane) System

The schematic below shows the low pressure "UV" safety system approximating what is current practice. It is not inexpensive but is designed to protect from the many dangers. I have contacted Stephen Abell from Abell Combustion, Inc. He is a competent engineer willing to guide you through this maze of safety issues (as of A.D. 2001). He sells a complete line of safety related gauges, mixers, solenoids, and controls.

Abell Combustion, Inc., Meeder Equipment, and Joppa Glassworks, Inc. have no relations other than professional courtesy. Joppa Glassworks, Inc. and/or Dudley Giberson do not imply that these are the only folks out there who can help you with your gas safety issues. Look around locally and use these pages as a general guide to get help.

low pressure safety system
Item & Product description Vendor Approximate Cost as of 6/1/2012
(add at least 15 percent for November 2018)
1 FM solenoid (ASCO) Abell Combustion, Inc. $400.00
2 Gas cock Abell Combustion, Inc. $15.00
3 Pressure gauge (for low pressure) Abell Combustion, Inc. $75.00
4 UV monitor & relay Abell Combustion, Inc. $600.00
5 Dayton blower - 1TDP5 WW Grainger- or Joppa Glassworks, Inc.
Plus Adaptations
5 Alfred Mixer Make Yourself or Joppa Glassworks, Inc. $109.00
6 Giberson Ceramic Burner (various) Joppa Glassworks, Inc. $195.00
7 Burner block homemade $20.00
8 UV sensor & magnifier Abell Combustion, Inc. $120.00
9 Main electric switch local store $15.00
10 Low limit pressure switch Abell Combustion, Inc. $120.00
11 High limit pressure switch Abell Combustion, Inc. $130.00
12 Approximate Total Cost $2048.00
Joppa Glassworks, Inc. P. O. Box 202, Warner, NH 03278 (603-456-3569)
Meeder Equip/ Ransome MFG, P. O. Box 12446, Fresno, CA 93777-2446 (559-485-0979)
Abell Combustion, Inc., P. O. Box 198, Kimberton PA 19442 (610-827-9137)