Especially if you are looking to replace your
Classic Giberson Ceramic Burner Head

The Good News vs the Bad News
The Bad News First And The Good News
The Classic Burner is no longer being made Please Read our little History of the Ceramic Burner Production outlined below.
But Read On: we have a Seamless Replacement
called the Hexagonal-Backed Giberson Ceramic Burner Head
So the good news is we have a complete replacement that should function seamlessly for you in your furnaces and glories. It has been a tumultuous summer for me getting this off the ground and I am really glad we are now in this new production mode.
A history of the Classic Giberson Head:
In the mid 1970s I discovered a company in Wisconsin which made metal stampings and by working with their team I designed a metal backplate for my ceramic burner production. Essentially this was a perforated metal backplate with a threaded 1-1/2 inch coupling in the center. What was great about this is I did not have to start from scratch, but used dies already in the factory inventory. This was the cornerstone for my round-backed "Classic Giberson Head". I was able to purchase these parts at a reasonable price and this romance lasted a good long time until­ POOF! In the middle of this last July (2017) the company disappeared into obscurity. Not a trace.
I scurried around like a crazy person to find a replacement solution, but the expense of cutting new dies and absorbing set-up fees were prohibitive for this little operation of mine. Perhaps I could have develop something from China as almost all of this business has moved there, but I should mention I hate the idea of Chinese outsourcing. I am not a political wacko, but for me, I wanted this made here. Even simplier: I wanted to have control of this production process even if it meant I would have to do the welding.
classic head
This Round Backed Classic Giberson is no longer being made.
The Summer of 2017 was total chaos. Our burner manufacturing revolves on a yearly cycle with Summertime being the time for making the castings, but without any real idea of what the new burner would look like this phase of production had to be put on hold. Mid-September I made the decision to make all of this in the USA using modern available technology. I hired a laser cutting company to make hundreds of parts and prevailed upon a local machinist to make threaded couplings. I built bending dies and bought a new welder. Out of this came my new masterpiece, the new kid on the block: The Hexagonal Backed Giberson Ceramic Burner Head. hex_head burner

Here is a comparison of the two Burners side by each:

comparison burners

The flange part is pretty much the only part of this that is different. The pin plates and the front of the burners are still made in the same metal molds that I have used for years. The cores are also the same. Essentially this is a direct replacement and the only thing different is the last 1 inch of the backplate. I hope you enjoy using these new beauties.

We will even use the same model numbers: 650, 255, 250, 250S, 7/32 and the 3/16.


Because of resent increases in materials costs our new heads will sell for $195.00. We hope you will be pleased with our new burner design. Please direct any comments or concerns you may have to me, Dudley Giberson, at 603-456-3569 or e-mail at
Suggested uses for the Giberson Ceramic Burner Head
Glass Melting Pot Furnaces
Glass Melting Day Tanks
Glory Holes
Gas Oven Annealers
Pottery Kilns
Salt Kilns
High Temperature Ceramic Kilns
Foundry Furnaces
Blacksmith forges
Metal Tempering Kilns
Model Btu Range (in thousands) Various Uses Hole Pattern
B-650 50-195 Large Glories (16" to 18"), Day Tank Furnaces (to 300 lbs.), Salt Kilns, & Forges 24-9/32" & 1-5/8"
B-255 40-150 Day Tank Furnaces (200 lbs.) & Medium Glories (11" to 15") 24-9/32"
B-250 36-120 Day Tank Furnaces (100 lbs.), Invested Pot Furnaces (150 lbs.), Glories (9" to 11"), Freestanding Pot Furnaces (200 lbs.) 24-17/64"
B-250s 25-95 Small to Medium Glories (1 cubic foot, with 8" door), Medium Pot Furnaces, Etc. 24-1/4"
B-7/32 20-70 Pot Furnaces & Various Multiple Burner Applications 24-7/32"
B-3/16 10-45 For Small Glories and Furnaces (25 to 35 lbs.), Pipe Warmers, Bead Furnaces, & Gas Annealing Kilns 24-3/16
Orifice Charts: Low Pressure Charts High Pressure Charts
hex_face image tilt_rt hex_face image hex_straight image hex_face image tilt left image hex_face image