Blower Set-Up, Details Of Construction


Steps to getting your blower ready for service:

  1. a. Make an air baffle out of 16 gauge sheet steel. It should be somewhat larger than the air intake on the blower. Shape as shown above at "a."
  2. b. Attach baffle to cover of blower. Use sheet metal screw. Tighten to set air intake baffle. (This can be rigged with a spring and washers, or use a wing nut. Most any system will work.)
  3. c. Bolt a 1-1/2" floor flange to face of blower cover. You will have to drill four holes in the blower cover to facilitate adaptation. I bolt the flange to the blower using 1/4" stove bolts or use round head bolts as shown. (Anything will work here, meaning you could pop rivet it together).
  4. d. And finally, screw the air pipe to the blower at "d". This completes your air delivery system.

There are many different blowers that will work for your air needs. The trick is to purchase something that will deliver sufficient volume. So rather than list the hundreds of blowers available and rate them (something I am unqualified to do) I will list this blower, because I know it will work for furnaces up to 150 lbs and for glory holes up to 18" in diameter. Beyond that, you will need to purchase something with more "umph". In my own shop I use high pressure propane, so for most applications I don't use this blower idea (as I use the venturi system), but at times I have run this blower on large glory holes as well as other situations. For several years I used this on a medium size glory hole in my studio and later used it on a coal forge. And I have recommended it many many times to customers, so I know it works.(And this is going back into the history books, but for some time in the 1970s I sold this blower with the right angle "Alfred Mixer." )

This blower can be purchased on line, at

Ideas for other blowers: Stephen Abell of Abell Combustion recommends a little stouter blower, the Dayton #7C447 which sells for just under $300.00. Of course you should be your best judge of how much money you want to invest in this project. Stephen, however, is a great resource as a gas safety man. He has helped hundreds of glass shops get safety accreditation. If you are interested in safety information for your gas burners and blower set-ups call Stephen at 610.827.9137. Or contact him through his web site

(There is no relationship between Abell Combustion, Inc. and Joppa Glassworks, Inc. other than a professional friendly courtesy.)

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