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The Many Uses for the Mini-Square Giberson Burners
I. Glass Shop
spaceA. Miniature Melt Furnace
  1. Solve technical formulary problems
  2. Demonstrate the principles of glassmaking
spaceB. Gloryhole Designs
  1. Make a 6" studio workhorse for making fancy parts
  2. Make a 4-5" for specific production work
  3. Small glory for end of gaffer's bench, "MAILBOX GLORY"
spaceC. Annealing Kiln (portable, gas fired)
II. Pottery
spaceA. Miniature Salt Kiln
spaceB. Miniature Gas Fired Kiln (1 to 2 cubic feet)
  1. Solve technical glaze problems
  2. Small part production work like Dolls' Heads or small hands, etc.
III. Foundry
spaceA. Miniature Foundry Furnace (for casting 1-10 lbs bronze)
spaceB. Small Burnout Kiln, like for shell molding or de-waxing molds.
  1. Used for Main Burner
    a. Firing Burnout Kiln 5/9/17 (page of images)
    b. Firing Burnout Kiln 3/31/18 (page of images)
  2. Used for Afterburner for Smokeless Stack Operation
IV. Smithy (Small Gas Forge), a tutorial on how to build your own forge