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The Many Uses for the Mini-Square Giberson Burners
I. Glass Shop
spaceA. Miniature Melt Furnace
  1. Solve technical formulary problems
  2. Demonstrate the principles of glassmaking
spaceB. Gloryhole Designs
Using the 2.5" Mini-Square Giberson Burner
Make a 6 to 7 inch studio workhorse
Enjoy Images of George Bucquet's small G'hole Build
Small glory for end of gaffer's bench, a nice innovation by Sky Campbell "MAILBOX GLORY"
spaceC. Annealing Kiln (portable, gas fired)
II. Pottery
spaceA. Miniature Salt Kiln
spaceB. Miniature Gas Fired Kiln (1 to 2 cubic feet)
  1. Solve technical glaze problems
  2. Small part production work like Dolls' Heads or small hands, etc.
III. Foundry
spaceA. Miniature Foundry Furnace (for casting 1-10 lbs bronze)
spaceB. Small Burnout Kiln, like for shell molding or de-waxing molds.
  1. Used for Main Burner
    SPACEa. Firing Burnout Kiln 5/9/17 (page of images)
    SPACEb. Firing Burnout Kiln 3/31/18 (page of images)
  2. Used for Afterburner for Smokeless Stack Operation
IV. Smithy (Small Gas Forge), a tutorial on how to build your own forge