Links to Helpful Information about these New Mini Square Giberson Burner Heads
Ideas About How to Use The New Mini-Square Giberson Burners:
Here is how this idea and burner system can save you a ton of money: Say you are a glassmaker and you are experimenting on a new series of colors, but you don't want to spend a bundle on the gas to melt a large pot of glass for each color. If you build a miniature furnace that holds a one or two pound crucible you can achieve the exact same melt profile but at a fraction of the cost. And this same furnace idea can serve the chemistry professor who wants to show his students how to melt glass or copper/bronze. By using a miniature furnace as shown in figure 18-20 of this pdf paper, you can successfully demonstrate the glass melting process. The cost of the burner system is modest and once you have the burner system, the cost of the rest of the project is minimal: a few bricks, a crucible or two, and a BBQ grill size propane tank (which will last several days).
Three Construction Projects Described in Detail:
Item Subject of Project
1. Mini Foundry or Glass Furnace
2. Small Glory Hole with a 6" Opening (Very Efficient)
3. Mini Updraft Kiln for Pottery or Foundry Burnout Kiln
Extra How to build a test furnace to design your own miniture equipment.