This is a great way to test the effectiveness of your new project. Build a testing platform. This is a helpful way to make temporary kiln structures to see if the size is exactly what you want. Then later it is simple to translate the design into a more permament structure with metal frame and movable doors.
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This drawing is taken from the paper "New Ideas for the Use of Small Burners in the Glass Shop, Foundry, Pottery, and Smithy" by Dudley Giberson. April, 2011. Fig. 18. A rudimentary testing furnace comprised of a metal platform table (a), a furnace floor (b), the beginnings of the furnace wall (c), a burner block (d), a 2" Mini-Square Giberson Burner (e) with Ransome Venturi (f) held in place with a burner stand (g). Also shown is the gas supply attached to the needle valve and gauge at (h).