George Bucquet: 6 to 7 Inch G'hole
A terrific solution for making small to medium sized Blown Glass
  • Small lightweight and portable
  • Great Combustion ⁄ High Heat
  • Use the 2.5" head for a 6" Glory
  • Run several days on
    one BBQ 20 lb. propane tank
  • Built using a 2.5" Mini-Square
    Giberson Burner Kit Link
George is an old friend whom I met while visiting the Penland School Area in the mid–1980s and now lives in California. He was kind enough to say a few words about this project:

Hi Dudley, Well, finally, here are some snapshots of my (small) glory hole. I'm really pleased with how it sparks up. I'm making parts for my castings and blowing drinking glasses. Man, it had been close to 20 years since I blew glass. They say it's like riding a bike — That's bullshit. It took a while to get my chops back. I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for working out the little burner and g'hole design. I never could get a small one to work right. . . . geo.