Three Ways I Can Help You Build Your Own Mini-Foundry:

First, read these two papers PROTOTYPE COPENDRAG
Second, purchase a set of foundry tools TOOLS

Kit includes a skimmer, a pouring handle, and a pair of crucible tongs. This set fits most assay crucibles which can be bought on E-bay for $8.00 to $10.00 ea.
Set sells for $185.00
More about this set of Foundry Tools

Third, purchase a 2 inch Mini-Square Giberson burner system THE SYSTEM

Complete 2" Burner system includes the Burner Head, the Ransome V-100 Venturi, a needle valve and a gauge all for $260.00. Other items you may wish to purchase is the burner stand (at $75.00) and a burner block ($30.00)

You can use your furnace on a temporary basis as loose bricks. Pull it out and use it, then pack it away as a small box of bricks. CLICK

When you get more serious about this you can build your furnace with an iron frame. Put the lid on rollers for easier access to the crucible. It will look like this: CLICK