The Joppa Glassworks Foundry Tools:

The Kit Includes: a skimmer,
a pouring handle, and a pair of crucible tongs.
Kit sells for $185.00

The assay crucibles which fit this set can be bought on E-bayfor around $8-$10.00. All of the metal tools are hand made by Dudley Giberson in his shop forge. The skimmer is 16" long and is made of mild steel, the shank of which is 3/8 CRS. The pouring handle is also made of mild steel and is also about 16" overall in length. The crucible tongs are made of spring steel with tips made of mild steel. The tips are welded onto the spring steel with 308 stainless for durability. The overall length of these tongs is about 15 inches give or take as the tongs are made of "old hay tine," so the raw stock for each piece does vary a bit.
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