The New Mini-Forge Powered by the 2" Mini-Square Giberson (13 #7/32)

Parts List
1. New 2" Mini-Square Giberson Burner- 13 #7/32 holes ($125.00) or Buy the 2" Mini-Burner Kit: includes the needle valve and gauge, the 2" Mini Square Giberson Head- 13 #7/32 holes, and the Ransome V100 Venturi w #72 Orifice, all for $260.00
2. V-100 Ransome Venturi ($112.50)
3. 0-30 PSI Gauge 1/4" LM NPT ($16.00)
4. Needle Valve, Fine Quality all brass needle valve ($22)
5. Burner Brace for Venturi System ($75.00) Not included in kit.
6. Burner Block- This is an essential part of the burner system! ($30.00)
7. A soft brick shaped to function as a door. You can operate this with your bare hands.
8. High Pressure Gas Hose for Propane
9. Crown made of 2300 IFB Insulation Bricks, aka, "soft bricks."
10. Movable Soft Bricks make up the combustion chamber. Size can change quickly and easily, especially for pass throughs for heating long material.
11. Iron Frame System made of thread rod with end bars.
12. Base Tray: a metal tray filled with soft bricks
Mini-Forge Construction TechniqueWhat Objects Can be Made in a Forge Like This? Everything Shown in this Photo Spread of Dudley's Iron Work
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