Building the Mini-Forge
1. The Base Tray
tray image
Build this piece from the base up. I used 16 gauge steel for my base tray. The interior of this tray is 13.5" by 13.5" and will be lined using a total of 4 and a half standard soft brick which have a common size of 2-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 9". These are called "STRAIGHT" bricks.
These standard Insulated Fire Brick (IFB) are relatively soft, like a piece of chalk. I prefer to use a known brand like the AP Green "G23". You will need an old saw
and a used wood rasp
to shape the bricks to fit into the tray.
2. Forge IFB Floor
Place the bricks without mortar (dry) so later if one or two bricks need replacing it is an inexpensive, quick repair. Here the forge floor is shown completed.
3. The Combustion Chamber
The combustion chamber is a loose arrangement of whole and half bricks. I would suggest a beginning chamber interior size of 5" wide by 4.5" tall and 8" deep.
The door brick is shaped using the rasp and saw. Its unique shape causes a sharp cutoff from hot to cold, a big advantage when you want to keep the cold end cold. The thin lip at the door closure allows you to be more accurate in placing and heating your work. space

4. The Forge Door in Place
with door
The door brick is just a bit shorter than the other wall bricks. This allows it to move freely at your bidding.
5. The Crown
is made of three parts:
The Iron Frame The Burner Block The Insulation Brick
frame burner block crown
6. The Burner System
The Parts as Follows:
1. The 2" Mini-Square Giberson Ceramic Burner Head
2. Ransome Venturi V-100
3. Gauge (0-30 PSI)
4. Needle Valve
5. Burner Stand, aka, "Burner Brace"
The Finished Masterpiece:
To Purchase a burner system or ask questions about the design
please call Dudley Giberson, 603-456-3569
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