The "Joppa" Pipe Warmer Burner for all gasses:
Works on either Low Pressure or High Pressure Gas
Either Propane or Natural Gas
pipe warmer1
We are proud to continue making this
Great pipe warmer burner.

Here is the frame with the burner shown in place. If you wish to build one of these yourself please refer to Dudley's book, A Glassblower's Companion, figure 21-1 and figure 21-2, pp 105 & 106. I recommend using square tubing (1" x 1" x 1/8" wall thickness. Hole pattern same as in book.)

Suggested Orifice Chart
Natural Gas 6" WC #48 Orifice
Low Pressure
8"11" WC #54 Orifice
High Pressure
1-2 psi
You will not need much pressure
Use needle valve to modulate gas flow
#65 Orifice
The Complete Pipe Warmer Ribbon burner, Venturi, and Needle Valve $257.50
(a savings of $5.75 over items purchased separately).
When you purchase our ribbon burner we enclose complete dimensioned sketches of the project.

The kit includes one high quality needle valve adapted with a reducer coupling to the Ransome Bell Venturi
valve This is our standard Needle Valve that regularly sells for $23.00
The needle valve allows for fine tuning of the flame. It is recommended for all gasses, but is an absolute must for high pressure propane.

And for those who want to build their burner from scratch, we sell the Bell venturi by itself for the reasonable price of $91.25

Price includes orifice, air control, bell venturi, and 1/2" nipple
And you can buy the head separately for $160.00 square tube burner
Up close and personal, the finished product.
A PDF file showing the overall Pipe Warmer Design Brick sequencing for the Pipe Warmer Design
We also sell 3 larger pipe warmer burners.