Electrical Relays
Item Image Description Cost
We sell 25 and 40 Amp Solid State Relays
(12 VDC Control Signal)
Use with the Auber Syl-2352 or 2352P Controller Modules
ssr relay
Typical Wiring Diagram
Both the 25 amp and 40 amp solid state relays look about the same. We have sold these with our controller kits for about ten years. They are highly reliable but must be mounted on a heat sink in a well ventilated area to keep the SSR cool. If necessary, provide small computer fan to cool components. This goes a long way to making a happy SSR experience. $32.00 and $35.00
25 Amp Solid State Relay
with heat sink
sink with ssr
Typical Wiring Diagram
Again, our standard SSR shown here with a heat sink. The relay should be mounted inside a metal enclosure and the heat sink mounted on the exterior so they have a common wall. I highly recommend using aluminum for this job as it quickly transmits the heat generated by the SSR
Our Air Cooled
SSR Solution
price list fan cooled unit Image of a Three Tiered Air Cooled SSR Solution
30 Amp
Mechanical Relay
(Medium Duty Solution)
t92s image
Typical Wiring Diagram
A great option for a medium duty situation is to use a mechanical relay such as the #T92S11A-120AC rated for 30 amps at 240 VAC (or also 120 VAC). This relay requires a control signal of 120 VAC and costs $35.00. This is a good choice for controlling a bead kiln or a small annealing kiln or a standard color box. If you are powering something more beefy we can suggest a heavy duty relay. However, if you don't like the clicking of a mechanical relay, try the nearly silent Mercury Relays below which are designed for carrying the big loads. $35.00
Mercury Relays
(Heavy Duty Solution)
mer_relay image
Mercury Relay
Sample Uses
You may have sticker shock with what is happening with Mercury Relays. Today some states have banned the sale of these relays. It may be the end of an ERA for sure.
MFG Product No. Coil Amps Cost
Durakool 2035A120AC 120 VAC 35 $185.00
Durakool 2060APS120AC 120 VAC 60 $210.00
We sell larger relays for all configurations. Please Inquire.
R-50 Amp Resistive
Mechanical Relay
(Heavy Duty Solution)
More Info
This contactor is a heavy duty unit that makes a clicking noise when making and breaking contact, a noise that can be dampened down with proper installation technique. This unit is an old-fashioned solution that works well, is inexpensive, and has little potential health hazard in that there is no mercury or other potential contamination. $36.00