Glassblowers' Comments About ...
A Glassblower's Companion

E. Marianne Stern, PhD., author, archaeologist, and glassblower from Toledo, Ohio, a quote from her article "Interaction Between Glassworkers and Ceramists," The Prehistory & History of Glassmaking Technology (1998), edited by Patrick McCray, p. 187.

"Giberson's experiments are instructive for archaeological research, because for the first time they prove beyond doubt that (ancient 15th century B.C.) core-glass vessels could have been made on a cold core with cold glass and a minimum of pyrotechnological know-how and equipment..."

Fritz Dreisbach, glassblower, teacher and editor, Seattle, Wa.

"His background and experience make him the perfect person to write this unique view of studio glass equipment. He's been there, done it.
"This is more than just a 'how-to-do-it' book. Giberson's approach is sometimes challenging, offering another look at traditional designs. He delivers down-to-earth basic philosophy about ancient and modern glass equipment, laced with both practical experiences and historical references. Most important, Dudley presents step by step details for constructing a wide variety of unique tools‒ specifically designed for efficiency in medium to small glass works. You choose the best equipment to fit your personal style."

Richard F. Remsen, sculptor and teacher, West Rockport, Me.

"The value of this book is not just the topics, but the ideas infused within the pages. Dudley has combined a strong sense of history with an insightful understanding of tools and technologies.

"As my neighbor Tom says, 'If the other person doesn't know what you're talking about, they can take it 100 different ways, but once they understand the terms you're using, they can understand what you're saying. If you get the grist, you've got the whole of it- that's what's ground out.'"

Jordana Korsen, glassblower and teacher, Rindge, N.H.

"I found this book to be the most thorough of its kind and enjoyed his sense of humor. I will use some of this info during next year's re-build. I loved all the choices. That's the key."

David Gruenig, editor, The Independent Glassblower

"Thank you so much for sending your book. It is better than I thought a book could ever be, and it is so important. I went through it too fast, and can't wait to sit down and go through it (again) slowly... Best DG"