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A Glassblower's Companion is Dudley Giberson's text book on building and maintaining your glass making equipment. Twenty-five chapters and over 300 illustrations give a clear picture of how to build furnaces, glories, and kilns of all sizes plus studio accessories like pipe warmers, garages, etc. Fresh off the press in December of 1998. Book is in its forth printing and has sold over 7100 copies to date (November, 2015).

A great bonus in this book is Dudley's sense of ancient glass history. Frequent and precise references tie our present set of studio tools and equipment to their ancient counterparts. This information connects us to our ancient past and brings forth a sense of unity to all of glass history.

Book is available at $35.00

In resent years we had a stack of the original 1982 version of the "Joppa Catalog of Fact and Knowledge," but sadly these all sold. So from the original files I am printing copies for those who want a repro at $8.00 each. This unique sixteen page pamphlet helped hundreds of glassblowers from the previous generation to build their own studios.


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This is Dudley's explanation of the ancient glass mystery. This unique approach has gotten many to rethink their views on ancient glass manufacturing technology. This video summarizes twelve years of ancient glass research and is a great source to spur on your own interest in ancient glass. Many teachers use this video to augment their courses in ancient glass.


wgwo image This is Dudley Giberson's preliminary study on ancient glass. This manuscript documents the development of his unusual theories on ancient glass manufacture. Available as a b & w printed doc, 8.5" x 11" or as a color version PDF, e-mailed.$10.00
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Volcano Dream, a video by Petrova Giberson. Filmed in the Joppa Glassworks, Inc., Studios. This video was made in 1997 and has a run time of approximately 22 minutes. The video shows a wide variety of techniques employed by Dudley Giberson and Carolyn Rordam as they make beads. One unfortunate fact of this film is it is shot with an old VHS format behemoth which is somewhat allergic to infrared heat. Otherwise it shows a variety of interesting inside shots not available elsewhere. $15.95
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