Excerpt from page 2 of "When Glass Was One" by Dudley Giberson, revised 1997

"After a few months, a dream came to me that was primary. I was sitting before a volcano shape of intense internal heat roasting a mandrel of glass beads and as they got hot they rounded into balls, perfect glass beads (see fig. 1).

"I awoke with great excitement. I had had big dreams before so I did not judge its value. I dutifully went to my studio to honor it, and within a few minutes of 'dubbing around' I had the rudiments of the invention put together. Within a half an hour I was making beads in this 'hot volcano.' I was in the presence of an ancient great power. The dream itself was like a hollow log with fire burning inside it with the beads roasting above the fire. This dream came to me on November 3, 1991, approximately 3 months after leaving Penland. A few weeks later I bought a book, The History of Beads,3 by Lois Dubin, and was amazed to see the Bida Craftsmen sitting around a similar volcano on page 123 of her book." (See fig. 2, a cross sectional drawing, conjectured by Giberson, as to what the BIDA furnace structure is most probably like, a fireplace with the walls pulled up.)