Alfred Mixer and Blower Combo
made by Dudley Giberson:
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A little history on this item:
The very first burner I made for a glass furnace was under the tutelage of Norman Schulman in the first RISD Studio in Rehobeth, Ma. There was really no burner nozzle, just a little reducer hole made of soft brick, which works, but it makes a lot of noise. The potters, of whom Norm was one, called this an "Alfred Mixer" as the design was pioneered at Alfred University for the use in gas fired pottery kilns and I think it was common to attach an Eclipse cast iron nozzle on the working end. If you get this hot enough, you will discover that cast iron melts. Having had this very failure led me to invent the ceramic burner head. Who knew that adversity of this sort was actually the doorway to opportunity?
Later, and through most of my career I have occasionally made these Alfred Mixers for folks, well mostly I would send them to Harry Dedell who made the Dedell Power Burner. Now I send people to Marc Ward of Ward Burners. But, on occasion, I still make them.
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