V100 Venturi

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Typical Uses for the V100 Venturi

  1. Used for general heating in Gas Annealers, "Garages," and Bead Furnaces. Mate with a Mini Square Giberson Head, 2.5_head_img. a needle valve, and a gauge for a complete High Pressure burner system. Visit the Mini Square Price List Page.
  2. Can be used with our Large Pipe Warmers (12,000 to 40,000 Btu).
  3. Mate with a Garage Burner to power your glass blowing "garage."

In our diagram to the left you can study the sectional drawing of the V100. This shows how a venturi works: the gas, under pressure, goes through a small orifice at a high rate of speed and passes through a throat (a general restriction). As the air/gas mixture opens on the other side of the throat restriction this causes a reduction of pressure at the back of the tube. Air rushes in through the air baffel (disc) to compensate.

This system requires no electricity to operate. It is a great help in the backup arsenol against electrical failure. This little venturi is capable of keeping a furnace or kiln in a holding pattern until power is restored. For proper operation this venturi should be mated to a Mini Square Giberson Burner Head (like the Mini-Square 2.5-w18-7/32 Holes). Call Dudley at 603-456-3569 to discuss options. The V-100 will fit any of the four Mini-Square Giberson Heads- see chart for suitability.

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