Mono-T-9 Issue

(Replace with AP Green "Super G 3000 Heat Set Plastic")

One major problem area for my book is when I published in late 1998, Mono-T-9 was manufactured by National Refractories and readily available. But today Mono-T-9 is no longer being produced. The company, NATIONAL REFRACTORIES CORP., went out of business as a result of litigation against asbestos producers. This created a huge gap in the refractories industries and all the deep pockets were searched and emptied. To find good refractories today is a big challenge. Nevertheless, there are still a good number of refractory companies that make ram plastics. Here is what you are looking for, a product that has these qualities:

Facts about Mono-T-9 HS
(Super Duty Plastic Refractory, Heat Setting):

Recommended Service Temperature 3100F
Workability Index 25-35%
Material required per cubic foot 145-150 lb/cu. ft.
Packaging 100 lb ctn


Al2O3 46.1%
SiO2 49.4%
Fe2O3 1.5%
TiO2 1.8%
CaO .3%
MgO .2%
Alkalies .7%

I am advised by Jack Brennan of Hunter Refractories (recently absorbed by ANACHEMIA MINING LLC) that the AP Green product called "Super G 3000 Heat Set Plastic" is a full replacement for the Mono-T-9. Please send feedback on any suitable substitutes you may find out there in the refractory world.

Some of the old AP Green product line is currently made by Harbison-Walker Refractories which can be found on-line.
Their contact number is 808-428-1760
RAHWAY, NJ 07065